Maryland for Responsible Enforcement – Anti-Speed Camera Advocacy

scameraWelcome to Maryland for Responsible Enforcement, the oldest anti-speed camera community supported advocacy organization in the State of Maryland. We are 100% community supported and do not receive contributions or spend money supporting candidates. We provide community oriented advocacy and support of organizations and candidates for public office and elected officials who have worked to reduce/eliminate and advocate for speed camera reform in the State of Maryland.

In 2009, the Maryland State Senate passed legislation allowing the installation of speed cameras on major highways, interstates, and roads. As part of this law (signed by Martin O’Malley) those charged with speeding by these automated ‘big-brother’ machines had no recourse in court to fight their tickets. The law did not require a police officer or camera operator to appear in court.

This year, we can hold those people responsible for this law accountable. We can vote them out of office for imposing this law which strips those who travel through Maryland of their basic due process rights and enforces a backdoor ‘big-brother’ style tax.

Maryland for Responsible Enforcement, the Speed Camera Opposition group in Maryland, would like to endorse the following candidates for Maryland State Senate. They include both Democrats and Republicans who have been strong opponents to Speed Cameras.

We were established in 2009 after the Maryland General Assembly approved the use of speed cameras statewide. In response, we organized and spearheaded a state-wide referendum effort to eliminate speed cameras in the State of Maryland.  We remain the largest anti-speed camera advocacy group in the State of Maryland with dozens of elected officials supporting our efforts. This includes former governors, current and former state senators, state delegates, and municipality executives and leaders. We are bi-partisan and have received support from all parties.

We also endorse candidates and incumbents during elections who have been advocates for our cause.


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